Business & Management Consultant

Business & Management Consultant

Mark WorldOm is a professional services business consulting company that provides a blend of professional management consulting and business solutions to help businesses fast track their success.

At Mark World OM we are persistently working towards continuous improvements and help you acquire relevant and reliable knowledge of management functions, latest technologies and other value added services. This gives us the right edge to identify, analyse and understand our clients’ needs and deliver measurable and sustainable benefits that rapidly improve operations and functional expertise.

We leverage brand and consumer insights to inform marketing creative and program strategies. Our services include practical tools, information resources and consulting services in the following key business sectors:

Business Continuity Management - We focus on building internal capabilities of enterprises by identifying, prioritizing and managing risks and meet regulatory compliance and achieve strategic objectives for continued success. We protect your most valuable asset – your people, by offering safety and ergonomic programs to significantly decrease incidents. Each business is unique, so we offer solutions that meet your explicit needs.

Strategy and Management Consulting- We offer customised solutions that can be effectively implemented to design large projects. We deliver high-performance consultancy for seamless growth, planning, operations and managing current and future business goals. We maximize new opportunities and deliver faster return on investment.

Enterprise & Solutions Architecture - We assist you to get value from your IT investments and understand your business needs and technology challenges. Our core group of highly experienced Enterprise and Solution Architect specialists help evaluate, organise, gather and develop IT strategy and Enterprise Architecture. This helps organisations make informed decisions and translate the strategic objectives and vision into a realizable blueprint for business and IT change.

Project Management - We realize how important project implementation is and offer project management solutions and programs that help discipline, both individual and organization. We provide clients with experienced and certified project managers on contract to supplement their existing teams. Mark WorldOm offers you a competitive and sustainable business consulting that helps you explore extraordinary opportunities, manage and sustain growth while maximizing revenue.