Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Choosing a reliable cyber security provider can get overwhelming. So keep ahead of threats and secure your data with Mark WorldOmcyber security solutions.

Mark WorldOm – Cyber Security Partner you can TRUST

Security is vital to us in all that we do. With a business focused approach, we work with leading companies to offer cyber security from all sides including technology, business and legal. This allows us to identify and address the root cause and unravel the threat from every possible corner.

Our suite of assessment services are designed to detect and protect against data and security breech and gives give our clients the confidence to operate smoothly and protect what is important to them.

We identify and deploy the right cyber security solutions that creates a safety net to catch, deter and manage any security threat - internally or externally. Our services include:

  • IT Security Strategy
  • Cloud Web Application Firewall
  • Security Architecture Design and Roadmaps
  • Risk Management
  • Audit, Intrusion Tests, Post-mortem
  • Regulation & Certification Controls
  • Managed Security Services
  • Recovery, Continuity Plans
  • Security Monitoring
  • Asset & Vulnerability Management
  • End-Point Security
  • Data Encryption & Leakage
  • Secure Design, Application Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Threat Management
  • Enterprise and SCADA Security
  • Talk to our Cyber Security experts today and know how we can help your organisation stay safe and remain confident to know that your business is protected against security threats.