Legal and Financial Investment Advisory

Legal Financial Investment Advisory

Mark WorldOmis a financial advisory firm that offers investment and financial planning solutions to clients. Our strategy consulting services assist clients regarding legal and financial advice with a focus on debt, valuation, equity and transaction advisory.

The need for commercially sound legal advice on financing is particularly important in the emerging markets globally. As a strategy consulting firm, we also assist clients to manage and take control on their money, make informed decisions and help plan financial security and investments related decisions.

We have experience across the spectrumof legal and financial advisory and the services include Cash Flow Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Consulting, Private Equity, Debt Solutions, Structured Finance, Capital Market Solutions, Transaction Advisory, Valuations, Enterprise Risk and Tax Services, Payroll Outsourcing, Tax Efficiency Asset Protection Insurance & Risk Management etc.We offer independent advice on debt & capital raising, mergers & acquisition, financial reconstructing, valuation and due diligence for our clients.

Mark WorldOm is known for its exceptional track record, unique risk management culture, discretion, reach and influence. We feel a deep sense of personal responsibility and pride in the performance of our investments.

Mark WorldOm pride ourselves on offering advice based on balanced analysis of local and global economies, documentation standards and best practises that helps protect the best interests of clients with commitment.

In short we empower your decisions by capitalising on our gained knowledge.